• Исполнитель: SAVAGE RED
  • Жанр:Зарубежная музыка
  • Продолжительность: 02:02
  • Битрейт: 320 Кбит/сек
  • Дата добавления: 09-01-2020
  • Скачали: 9
  • Прослушали: 37
  • Рейтинг:

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Текст песни

[Verse 1: Lou Pang]

Its tragic
I’ll put these niggas in a casket
When it comes to these beats a nigga gotta go maverick
I’m used to the static, I need to go major
I’m been saying all these prayers
From the mud with my gators
Time ticking down I need them murals on the wall
No lonzo but when I hit LA imma Ball
Im getting back to it, I’ve been outta place
In my mind it’s like I’m running in my own race
I’ve been going at my own pace
Head tilted to the sky
I can’t live by these rules that they set to get by
Used to be a shy guy but now I’m out hungry
Moved so many pounds I know some niggas wanna slump me
The hate will always lose keep them negatives out far
When you look at LOU you really looking at a star
I’ve been Walking thru the valley of the social anxiety
I’ll go track for track I know these niggas won’t battle me
You could see the scars but we call em war wounds
The aroma of the kush is my go to perfume
100 ms baby you know I gotta have it
Blunt so Pang I don’t even wanna pass it

[Verse 2: DEZ]

Back to back flip off
We had a good kick off
I ain't balling yet but she reach
Like it's tip off
Working on my dough
And the thick sauce
Drip drop
I drift off this hip hop got me like cross cross
Dreamt that I'd jump off
The highest of the High uh
Same place you sleep in you lie uh
My niggas said to cut
But I told you to cut the cheque
I put the work in
We both needed respect
To add to that we both needed the sex
To add to that we drunk and high in a mess
Im in the pink I must be the Budapest
I think we should reinvest in real-estate for sec
Build an upper deck
Live lavish uh
But you too savage
The red to my canvas
So now I write tablets
And the Blunt so pang I ain't even wanna pass it

[Verse 3: Jivy Lewis]

Hold up before i reminisce my niggas
Cause stress come with the work like benefits my niggas
I been on it smokin dolo tryna find the balance
Between the pussy, chasing cheques and utilizing talent
Days in the V, Carhartt hat wit the matching jacket
Round some pushas that'd load some clips to certify they malice
Skinny jiv got weight up now you can count the calisice
But I digress crew shine like a Dada vest
Smokin out the La La lex
Big up lewy I was vex, when he crashed it
Ridin down yonge, wit the waka flocka blasting
Og in our lungs, hope the coppers speedin passed us
Half o of the ou wee couldn't hide it any fasta
Went right back to lou for some betta weed
Funny all that niggas smoke still got these memories
Sit and think about how long that shit lasting
This blunt so pang I don't even wanna pass it

[Verse 4: Ikeno]

You can smell the loud pack from the hallways
Eyes low looking like the kid had a long day
AAAA, I don't give a fuck about good grades
I doubt your curriculum can apply to the rap game

Tuned out, turnt up went and put my tunes out
Bars got a tune up, flow took a new route
I was plottin murder back when lupe put the cool out
Jon snow demeanor, just wait til I bring the jewels out

Mr nice watch, can't stunt where a nigga from
You front witcha little crums, you turn to a nigga lunch
Ball up another this a backwood classic
This blunt so pang I don’t even wanna pass it

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