Davide Locatelli - bad guy

Davide Locatelli - bad guy
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Mean time Gravellan an Illustrious Peer,
Who to his Monarch's Int'rest did adhere,
For Eloquence, for Wit and Courage fam'd,
Was by the Faithful Lords in Council nam'd
The Messenger, who should on Arthur wait,
To represent Britannia's troubled State.
Forthwith the noble Person undertook
The task enjoin'd, and Albion's Coast forsook.
With outspread Wings his Vessel crost the Main,
And the Neustrasian Shore did quickly gain:
Thence to the Camp impatient of delay
He hasten'd, where the Valiant Britons lay.
Arriving there, thro' the thick Files he went
With eager Steps to Pious Arthur's Tent.
Where he in secret with his Monarch spoke,
And to him thus th' unwelcom Message broke.

Since Jason was dispatch'd to let you know
Your heavy loss, and sad Britannia's Woe;
When Ethelina did her Throne remove,
And chang'd Terrestrial Cares for Joys above:
A Race of Men who are enrag'd to see
Vertue asserted, and Britannia free.
Who to their Country wish the greatest Harms,
And envy you the Glory of your Arms:
Against your Throne and Albion's Peace conspire
And with Seditious Heats the Britons fire.
With false Reports and Popular Address,
They spread th' Infection with too great Success.
With crafty Language, and ensnaring Arts,
Your Subjects they deceive, and gain their Hearts.
Some of th' Invidious Malecontents declare
Against the Burden of a Foreign War.
Some aggravate the Losses we sustain
By Corsairs, Rocks and Tempests on the Main.
These would th' Intendants of the Sea displace
As an unskilul, weak, and heedless Race.
They cry high Offices are Sold and Bought,
And Trusts for Men, not Men for Trusts are sought.
Some cry, the Freedom all the Sects enjoy,
The Churche's strong Foundations will destroy.
While by the Laws you 're to Sectarians kind,
Her Pillars shake, her Walls are undermin'd.
Some would your chiefest Ministers remove
Who serve you best, and most their Country love.
Into the Field they run in numerous Swarms,
Pretended Inj'rys to redress with Arms.
Rival with Rival, Foe with Foe combine,
Against their Prince divided Int'rests joyn.
Some are enrag'd to see their Foes enjoy
The Mannors, Honours, and the high employ,
Or noble Pension which themselves believ'd
Due to the mighty Deeds by them Atchiev'd.
Court Candidates with long Attendance tir'd
Fill'd with Despair, and with Resentment fir'd,
Neglected Senators, great Peers displac'd,
Captains cashier'd, and Ministers disgrac'd,
Bigots, and all the persecuting Kind
Against your Throne in Friendship are combin'd.
Then did the noble Lord at large relate
What Peers and Prelates most disturb'd the State.
Who did the Insurrection boldly head,
And who in secret did th' Infection spread,
And popular Heats with sly Suggestions fed.

A while King Arthur sitting unresolv'd,
Th' important Message in his Mind revolv'd.
He in the greatest Straights could ever find
Unshaken Courage, and a present Mind.
If happy or unhappy Tydings came,
His Godlike Temper ever was the same.
In Storms of State he was a steady Guide,
Still ply'd the Helm, and stem'd th' impetuous Tyde.
No Change of Looks his inward Care confest,
And when he suffer'd most, he show'd it least.
Oft from the lowest Ebb his Waters came
Back to their Channel with a nobler Stream.
His sick'ning Orb would oft disturb the Sight
With faded Glory, and expiring Light:
But would as often with a suddain Blaze
Break out, and shine with more illustrious Rays:
Oft thrust from Heav'n it left its starry Sphere
Sunk down, and hung below in Cloudy Air,
But the divine Intelligence within
Rais'd it as oft, to its high Seat again.
Then calmly thus did the great Briton speak;
Soon as returning Day from Heav'n shall break,
I'll lead my Squadrons Clotar to invade,
And if my Arms by Heav'n's propitious Aid,
Against the Gallic Forces shall succed,
I'll reach Britannia with the utmost Speed,
To calm those Heats which interrupt her Peace,
And find fit Med'cines for the sharp Disease.

Now had Aurora on the Face of Night
Pour'd from her Golden Urn fresh Streams of Light.
That fin'd and clear'd the Air, while down to Hell
The shady Dregs precipitated fell.
Then with Heroic Eagerness and Hast
King Arthur round his Head his Helmet brac'd:
From whose high Crest a lofty Plume did rise
Pure, as the Milky Stars that grace the Skys.
The radiant Steel which arm'd his Back and Breast,
Reflected Lustre not to be exprest.
Pure, burnish'd Gold his Martial Thighs encas'd,
And Silver Boots his vig'rous Legs embrac'd.
His glorious Belt he cross his Shoulder flung,
In which refulgent Caliburno hung.
With his strong Arm he grasp'd his spacious Shield,
Where a fierce Dragon guarded all the Field.
So bright it blaz'd, the Metal when it came
Red from the Forge, did scarce more fiercely flame.
Then his long Spear he grip'd, which shone from far
Bright, as if pointed with the Morning Star.
When first into his Hand King Arthur took
The pondrous Ash, the trembling Weapon shook,
As if 'twas conscious what a bloody Lake,
What vast Destruction 'twas about to make.
With Martial Port the Hero then advanc'd,
And fearful Splendor from his Armour glanc'd.
A dreadful Pleasure 'twas to view from far
The utmost Pomp, and Terror too of War.
As when the Dogs with their deep Mouths proclaim
That in the Wood they've rous'd the flying Game,
The generous Steed erects his list'ning Ears,
And the loud Noise with brave Impatience hears:
Thick Clouds of Smoke his working Nostrils blow,
And Streams of Fire out from his Eyeballs flow.
His eager Looks his inward Heat express,
And all his quiv'ring Limbs his Joy confess.
He paws the Vally with an needless Strife,
Profuse of Force, and prodigal of Life.
His forward Feet anticipate the Chace,
And seem to run, ev'n while he keeps his Place.
Such Life King Arthur show'd, such generous Rage,
Urg'd with as great Impatience to engage.

The sprightly Trumpet now with shrill Alarms,
The British Troops with noble Fury warms.
Their Arms so well to Vict'ry known they take,
And springing forth the tented Camp forsake.
A graceful Ardor in their Looks appears
While Lances, Swords and Woods of glitt'ring Spears,
Throng'd Helmets, Gauntlets and contiguous Shields
Diffuse promiscuous Splendor o'er the Fields.
The various Glorys of their Arms combine,
And in one fearful, dazling Medly joyn.
The Air above, and all the Fields beneath
Shine with a bright Variety of Death.
Helms flash on Helms, Bucklers on Bucklers blaze
With glancing Lustre, and recoiling Rays.
The Sun starts back to see the Fields display
Their Rival Lustre, and Terrestrial Day.
The raging Steeds shake with their Feet the Ground
And with their Neighings all the Heav'ns around.
Prodigious Clamour rattles in the Hills,
And in loud Eccho's all the Valley fills.
Thick Clouds of Dust which from the Plains arise
O'erspread the Squadrons, and deform the Skys.
The valiant Troops draw out in close Array,
And on the Hills their awful Pomp display.
The thronging Franks amaz'd regard from far
Th' Embattled Wings and Iron Face of War.

On th' other side of Esia's silver Flood
The Gallic Army in Battalia stood.
And only now this interposing Tide
Did Albion's Youth from the fierce Frank divide.
Bright, as the radiant Harbinger of Day
The splendid Arthur shone and led the Way.
His Squadrons follow'd, and along the Banks
The Britons swarm'd, and stretcht their Warlike Ranks.
Esia amaz'd at this strange sight appears,
Believing all her Reeds transform'd to Spears.
Th' affrighted Stream with unaccustom'd hast
By its arm'd Banks, and Iron Margin past.
Amidst the numerous Hosts the River flow'd
Like a vast Serpent, gliding thro' a Wood.

The valiant Briton wav'd his flaming Sword,
And full of Rage his fiery Courser spur'd;
The wound resented by the generous Beast
He plung'd amidst the Waves, and with his Breast
He all th' opposing Waters did divide,
And made his way across th' impetuous Tyde.
As when (so Poets feign) lascivious Jove
Forsaking Heav'n became a Bull for Love,
The Thund'ring Beast with mighty Vigor bore
Across the Tyde his Mistress to the Shore.
So Arthur's Steed the River's fury braves
Carrying a nobler Passion thro' the Waves.
Thro' Showers of Arrows which around him flew,
And Storms of Darts which Gallic Warriours threw
The mighty King advanc'd, and from the Stream
Bright as the Morning Sun in Triumph came.
With such a Lustre, and with such a Force
He rose, prepar'd to run his glorious Course.
Had those who liv'd in antient times descry'd
This Warriour rising from the foaming tide,
They would have thought that Mars himself had come,
As well as Venus, from the Water's Womb.
Fir'd with th' Example of th' intrepid King
The British Youth with Shouts did onward spring.
All to the Banks advanc'd, and with their Swords
High lifted up they leap'd to cross the Fords.
While thus the Britons boldly pass'd the Tyde,
The Gallic Troops rang'd on the other Side
Cast Clouds of Darts from near, and from afar,
To beat off from the Banks the wading War.
A ratling Storm down on the River pours,
And bearded Death descends in feather'd Showrs.
Some Rocky Fragments hurl against the Foe,
Some massy Spears, some glitt'ring Jav'lins throw.
While thus they strove th' Aggressor to repel,
Many great Britons by their Weapons fell.
Who mingled with the Waves their flowing Blood,
And turn'd the Crystal to a Purple Flood.
Coursers, dismounted Riders, Jav'lins, Helms,
And massy Shields the swelling Tyde o'erwhelms.
Spears, Arrows, Bows, and Plumes of various Dy
Upon the rapid Waters floating ly,
And Darts their Fury spent, still on the Current fly.

First his impetuous Dart Olcanor cast
Which thro' Comara's shining Buckler past:
Then thro' his temper'd Breastplate made its Way,
And buried deep within his Bosom lay.
From the wide Wound warm crimson Streams of Blood
Sprang out, and down the Briton's Armour flow'd:
Backwards he fell of Sense and Breath bereft,
And his hot Steed without a Rider left.
The generous Courser now without a Guide,
Did with the spacious Breast the Flood divide,
And climbing up the Banks with loosen'd Reins,
Flew wild about, and scowr'd along the Plains.

Then mighty Stuffa threw his massy Spear,
Which with its Errand pleas'd, sung thro' the Air.
He aim'd it full at Goran's shining Crest,
But missing him, it struck his Courser's breast.
A Crimson Torrent spouted from the Wound,
And deeply tinctur'd all the Flood around.
The Steed tho' tortur'd with the goring Spear,
Would fain the Warriour thro' the Water bear.
He heav'd his lab'ring Limbs, stretcht every Vein,
Did every Muscle, every Sinew strain;
His Mouth out-foam'd the Waves, his Eye balls star'd,
And working Nostrils Death at hand declar'd:
Then faint with toil and vast expence of blood,
He with his Rider sunk beneath the Flood.

Then was at Belon's head a pondrous Stone
By the strong Arm of raging Bofar thrown.
It lighted on the Briton's Breast, beneath
The Paps, and from his Body struck his breath.
He straightway headlong fell, and Esia's Wave
Involv'd the Briton in a liquid Grave.
Next Robar fell of Berta's noble Line,
Too bold the greatest Dangers to decline:
Now an inglorious Spear at random cast,
His Naval pierc'd, and thro' his Bowels past.
He honour'd by his Birth Sabrina's Stream,
And by his Death rais'd silver Esia's fame.
Here Dolan to surmount the rising Banks,
Stuck fast his Spurs within his Courser's Flanks;
The Steed against the Bank with fury sprung
That high above the Water's Margin hung;
But fell down backward headlong to the Flood,
And lab'ring lay, and choaking in the Mud.
Then Arton, Gamal, and Ormellan dy'd,
And with their Bodys swell'd the troubled tyde.
Next Blanadoc for Arts and Courage known,
And Holan, wise Testador's Valiant Son,
And many more amidst the Waves were slain,
Who strove to make the Shore, but strove in vain.

Mean time their Friends had gain'd the adverse Banks,
And march'd in Battle rang'd against the Franks.
Near to the Hills, the Franks retreating back,
In order drawn, waited the Foe's Attack.
Then Valiant Arthur to his Britons cry'd,
Now, Fellow Soldiers, no remaining Tyde
Is left to Guard the Foe; here, Britons, see
The way is plain that leads to Victory.
He said. And straight he spur'd his fiery Steed,
And thunder'd thro' the Plain with eager speed.
As when a Falcon from the Airy brow
Of some high Hill descrys the Game below,
To truss the Prey so strong, so swift he flys,
As if some Engine shot him thro' the Skys.
So Arthur with a noble Ardor past
T' engage the Foe, and the first Spear he cast
To Death's unwelcome Shades stout Hago sent;
The fatal Weapon thro' his Buckler went,
Broke thro' his Armour oft in Battle try'd,
And pass'd his Body thro' from Side to Side.
At Corolan he aim'd his second Spear,
Which pierc'd his Head ent'ring above the Ear!
He fell, and groveling in his flowing Gore
Fetch'd one deep Groan, and after fetch'd no more.

Then from amidst the Files Grimaldo sprung,
Nobly descended, vig'rous, bold and young:
With all his Might his furious Spear he threw,
Which from the Briton's Shield in pieces flew.
The Monarch all enrag'd with mighty Force
His Javelin cast, which with impetuous Course
Into his Breast past thro' his massy Shield;
Faint with the fatal Wound a while he reel'd,
Then down he fell, and stretcht upon the Ground
Which with his ringing Armour did resound.
Then Boson stept out from the foremost Ranks
A noble Youth born on Axona's Banks;
He rais'd his spacious Buckler in the Air
And stooping down guarded his Head with Care.
The Briton saw him, and a Javelin sent
Which might all farther Care of Life prevent:
But Boson seap'd, tho with a mighty Dread
He heard the erring Death sing o'er his Head.
Conrade who next did to the Charge advance
Could not escape with such a prosp'rous Chance.
An Ashen Spear the British Monarch sent
Which on its deadly Message swiftly went.
The furious Weapon did with Ease divide
His Buckler's temper'd Plate and treble Hide.
Then deep within his wounded Breast it sunk,
And at their purple Spring his Vitals drunk.
Strait on the Ground he fell no more to rise,
And everlasting Sleep o'erwhelm'd his Eyes.

Then did Amintor and great Tursin feel
Deep in their wounded Veins the Briton's Steel.
Next Raban and Amansul near ally'd
By the same mighty Arm together dy'd:
These did when living to each other show
The highest Strains of mutual Love, and now
When dying both their Friendly Streams of Blood
Were joyn'd, and mixt in warm Embraces flow'd.
Then Villa much admir'd for beauteous Charms,
And not less famous for his splendid Arms,
Who with applauded Brav'ry always fought,
Up to the Charge his fierce Battalions brought.
Then did the valiant Frank his Javelin throw
Aiming at Arthur's Breast a furious Blow:
Thro' the soft Bosom of the Air it went,
And in the Briton's Shield its Fury spent.
The King enrag'd strait cast his glitt'ring Dart
Which thro' his Shield and Breast transfixt his Heart:
The noble Frank in strong Convulsions lay,
Wallowing in Gore, and Gasping Life away:
His swimming Eyes grew dim, and suddain Night
Her sable Curtain drew before his Sight.

And now the Franks with vengeful Fury warm'd,
In numerous Throngs about the Monarch swarm'd.
Bright Showers of Darts did on his Buckler ring,
And bearded Arrows all around him sing.
Arthur enrag'd, resolv'd to force the Foe,
To break their Ranks, and cut his Passage thro.
He now no longer missive Weapons threw,
But from his Side broad Caliburno drew.
Above his Head he wav'd the glorious Blade,
Which dreadful Flashes thro' the Air convey'd.
And then advancing with a mighty stride,
Did force his Passage, and the Files divide.
As when a River is oblig'd to stay,
Oppos'd by some new Mound that dams its Way:
Th' obstructed Tyde swoln with its Fury stands,
And to its Aid calls its wat'ry Bands.
Recruited thus the River leans, and heaves,
And shoves against the Bank with all its Waves:
Which having broken, with resistless Force
It roars along, and runs with swifter Course.
So Arthur's Rage resisted higher rose,
And scatt'ring all who did his Arms oppose
He thro' their Ranks with double Fury flew,
And their Brigades with greater Havock slew,
Such was the Conq'rour's rapid Course, that Fate
Could scarce attend, and almost came too late.
While Vict'ry almost spent, and out of Wind
Flew heavily along, and panting lag'd behind.
Ansegius when he saw the Monarch nigh,
Shaking with Pannic Fear began to fly.
The British King pursu'd him o'er the Sand,
His mighty Sword uplifted in his Hand.
The flying Frank finding his Vigor spent,
And that his Flight could not his Fate prevent,
Turn'd back, and trembling on the Ground he kneel'd,
And threw upon the Sand his Sword and Shield:
Then while his Hands he spread out in the Air,
And did his Words to beg his Life prepare,
His Head flew mut'ring from his sever'd Neck,
And in the Dust seem'd eager still to speak.
So when the timerous Game from far descrys
Th' invading Falcon stooping from the Skys,
Upon the Prey so swift is his Descent,
It do's its Crys and almost Fears prevent.

Then Huban glorying in his noble Blood,
Boldly the conqu'ring Briton's Course withstood.
But strait the Warriour on his Crest did feel
The Weight and Force of Arthur's massy Steel;
With the vast Blow of the broad Fauchion stun'd
The Frank fell down, and prest the trembling Ground.
Arthur advanc'd and thus the Frank bespoke
Before his Arm discharg'd a second Stroke.

Huban, what Widows Plaints, what woful Crys
Of Orphans made by thee, have fill'd the Skys?
Thou unprovok'd, with Fire and Sword hast past
Thro' Peaceful States, and laid rich Countrys wast.
What pop'lous Towns and Citys hast thou burn'd,
What Towers and Domes to heaps of Rubbish turn'd?
How has thy Sword thy Neighbours round alarm'd,
And slain their Youth when naked and unarm'd?
This Cruelty thy bloody hand has shown
To please King Clotar's Fury, and thy own.
I'll now extinguish thy unnatural Thirst
Of humane Blood; That said, the Monarch thrust
Deep in his panting Breast his mighty Sword,
And left upon the Ground th' extended Lord.

Then Obal, Rodan, and Gutaro fell,
And Oroman who did in Arts excel.
Ocar and Nisan lay in Dust and Gore,
And great Alcador, and vast numbers more
Whose Vulgar Names appear in no Record,
Dy'd by the mighty Briton's Conq'ring Sword.
As when a Craggy Rock, that did appear
Still falling while suspended in the Air,
By washing Showers and frequent Tempests worn,
Or by some inward strong Convulsion torn,
Breaks off, and falling from the Mountain's top,
Rolls down the Wood beneath without a stop;
It overturns the Forest in it's way,
Nor can the strongest Oaks it's Progress stay.
Elms rooted up and broken Pines around,
(Amazing Desolation) spread the ground.
The British King advanc'd with such a force,
And no less Spoils adorn'd his rapid course.

Mean time King Clotar who in Armour shone
Of polish'd Plate, led his Battalions on.
Around his Head his crested Helm was lac'd,
And on his Arm his blazing Target brac'd;
Which o'er the Field, amazing to behold,
Shone like a glowing Orb of melted Gold.
Fir'd with excessive Rage he did advance,
And shook from far his formidable Lance.
Then mounted in his high Refulgent Car,
He plung'd with loosen'd Reins amidst the War.
Brave Gisan first did in his Bosom feel
The deadly force of his projected Steel:
Down to the ground the wounded Warriour came,
And by his fall advancd the Conq'rour's fame.
Another Spear at Roderic he threw,
Which thro' his Shield, his Head, and Helmet flew.
The noble Briton stretcht upon the ground
And felt departing Life Ebb from his Wound:
He gather'd up his quiv'ring knees, and strait
He stretcht them out, and yielded to his fate.

Bold Gotric next did in the Front appear,
Resolv'd to stand the mark of Clotar's Spear:
With mighty Vigor he his Weapon cast;
It flew, and hiss'd with fury as it past.
It struck the Shield, but by unhappy chance
Did from the brazen Brim obliquely glance.
But that his Message might not be in vain,
By its refracted stroke was Ruthen slain,
And lay extended on the dusty Plain.
Where Clotar stood Ruthen was always near,
No Courtier more was to his Master dear.
With him the Monarch did the Secrets trust
Both of his Cruelty, and of his Lust.
The noblest Franks did by his Ponyard bleed,
Whose Doom by Clotar had been first decreed.
Or he the poison'd Bowl bore in his hand,
If bloodless Death his Master did command.
The fairest Women to his Bed he brought,
By Force, or Fraud, or by his Silver bought.
By Ruthen's fall King Clotar all enrag'd,
His utmost strength in deep Revenge engag'd.
With his extended Arm his Dart he cast,
Which as a Bolt of Thunder swiftly past.
On Gotric's Shield the hissing Vengeance fell,
Nor could the temper'd Steel its force repel.
Thro' Plates and Plys and Hides it's way it made,
And in his brawny Thigh the Weapon staid.
The Bearded Plague stuck in his wounded Veins,
And rack'd the Hero with tormenting Pains.
Down on his Knees he fell as in a Trance,
The haughty Victor fiercely did advance
To strike his head off, when brave Cutar broke
Thro' the thick Files, to ward the furious Stroke:
He took the Monarch's blow upon his Shield;
A suddain shout rung thro' th' applauding Field.

Then Cutar, Clotar's progress to arrest,
Discharg'd a noble Blow against his Crest;
The Frank receiv'd it on his temper'd Shield,
But stagger'd with the stroke, and backward reel'd.
Mean time brave Gotric had new Spirits gain'd,
Reviving from his Swoon, and then sustain'd
Both by his faithful Friends and faithful Spear
Retir'd in Pain, and halted to the Rear.
Gibbonius thro' all Britain's Isle admir'd
As one with Æsculapian Skill inspir'd,
Prescrib'd a nobler Balm to heal the Wound
Then that the famous Locatella found.
King Clotar soon recover'd, and for Fight
Collected all his Rage, and all his Might.
As when a Lyon roaming o'er the Plains
Is stop'd by Huntsmen, and surrounding Swains,
If wounded once by some advent'rous Spear,
He sees his blood upon the Ground appear,
Straight double fury gathers in his Eyes,
And on the Foe with double force he flys.
So with a fiercer Fire the Monarch burn'd,
And to the War with greater Rage return'd.
Then with his mighty Spear he did Assail
His valiant Foe; nor Shield, nor Coat of Mail
Nor harden'd Cuirass could its fury stay,
Till glancing on the Ribs it flew away.
The Briton felt the Wound within his Side,
And all his Limbs the streaming Purple dy'd.
The noble Leader rag'd at this Defeat,
But Loss of Blood oblig'd him to retreat.

Next valiant Horan did the Frank engage,
Fam'd for his Arms and splendid Equipage:
He from the flowry Banks of Isis came,
To win in Gallic Fields heroic Fame.
But in those Fields the Combatant was slain
Unable Clotar's Fury to sustain.
Then Valiant Malgo shook his pondrous Lance,
And bad his bold Dimetian Troops advance.
He bravely march'd the foremost of the Band,
And charging boldly made a noble Stand.
As when the Rocky Fragments standing up
In a rude Channel oft the Torrent stop
Which during Summer from dissolving Snows
Down the rough Sides of some high Mountain flows.
Obstructed thus the foaming Deluge raves
And roars against the Rocks with all its Waves.
So did the Britons Clotar's Course oppose,
And in his boyling Veins like Fury rose.
With high Applause great Malgo kept his Ground,
Till feeling in his Head a painful Wound
Inflicted by a Dart which Clotar cast,
His Friends compell'd him to retire at last.

Then did the Frank with Sword in Hand invade
The British Ranks, and vast Destruction made.
Now grisly Death with Crimson Garlands crown'd,
In horrid Triumph reign'd, while all the Ground
With Helmets, Shields and broken Spears was spread,
With ghastly Spoils, and slaughter'd Heaps of Dead.
When famous Shobar with his watchful Eye
Perceiv'd the British Troops begin to ply,
Highly enrag'd, he call'd aloud to those
Who did his own select Brigade compose,
See, where your Countrymen begin to yield,
And fearing Clotar's Arms forsake the Field.
Let us advance our Ensigns, to sustain
Our stagg'ring Friends, till they their Ground regain.
With this Applause the Britons all adorn
No rallying Troops so oft to Fight return.
Did now that youthful Vigor warm my Veins
Which once I felt in Lusitanian Plains;
Could I with such a Force the Fauchion weild,
As when I slew Gelanson in the Field,
When Romolar who flew to his Relief,
Fell by the Side of that expiring Chief,
While Rhenus was amaz'd to see its Flood
As once Egyptian Rivers turn'd to Blood;
I would not doubt King Clotar to subdue,
Whose conq'ring Arms our yielding Friends pursue.
But since his Sword such Numbers have destroy'd,
And Arthur's Arms we see elsewhere employ'd;
I'll stay no longer a Spectator here,
But with King Clotar will exchange a Spear.
Old as I am I will my Fortune try
In Arthur's Cause I'm not displeas'd to dy.

Between the rising Fields on either Hand
Where Shobar and King Clotar did command,
A shady Thicket rose, near which the Way
That led between the Franks and Britons, lay.
Moloc who often had with Joy embru'd
His reeking Hands in slaughter'd Christians Blood,
Who thro' their Towns with Hellish Fury past,
And laid with Fire and Sword their Dwellings wast,
Chose fifty Gauls of equal Strength and Rage,
Who did themselves in dreadful Oaths engage,
Ne'er Children Wives or Lands to see again,
Till they had first the mighty Shobar slain.
And when they saw where his stout Squadron staid
They to this Thicket strait themselves convey'd:
That if his Squadron should advance this Way
They with united Arms might Shobar slay.
Now as the Warriour near the Thicket past
Marching to aid his Friends with eager Hast,
The Gallic Foes did from their Ambush spring,
And all at once their furious Javelins sling.
Then with loud Clamour they did onward rush,
And with unequal Force the Hero crush,
While Shobar rais'd his Shield and stood inclin'd,
Th' Ignoble Foe Morander came behind,
And pierc'd between his Armours Skirts his Reins,
And left the Javelin in his bleeding Veins.
Great Shobar wounded with th' inglorious Thrust,
Fell down, and lay besmear'd with Gore and Dust.
A while he lay convuls'd upon the Ground
While his warm Life gush'd from the treacherous Wound.
His warlike Soul flew up to take its Post,
Midst the bright Squadrons of the Heav'nly Host.
Yet his great Life he did not cheaply sell,
For with his fatal Arms before he fell
He Dorlac, Taman and Orbassan slew,
Bruis'd Bodan's Head and pierc'd Tibaldo thro.
Nor did his Squadron stand Spectators by
As unconcern'd to see great Shobar dy.
For valiant Calmot when he saw the Chief
Opprest with Numbers flew to his Relief.
Calmot to pious Clovis was ally'd,
In Blood and Vertue both, and now he dy'd
Striving insulting Oran's Blow to ward,
And from the furious Crowd the Chief to guard.

Altubar next for Arts and Valour known
Strove Shobar's Life to save, but lost his own.
Next thro' the Files noble Gravellan broke,
But came too late to save the fatal Stroke.
But on the Field he left Moranson dead,
And with his Fauchion struck off Moloc's Head.
Thus Shobar fell unable to withstand
The suddain Charge of such a desp'rate Band.
The Britons rav'd to see him lying slain
By ignominious Arms upon the Plain.
And to revenge so great a Captain's Fall,
With utmost Rage they charg'd the treach'rous Gaul
Th' amaz'd Conspirators the Fight forsook,
And their swift Flight back to the Thicket took.
Gravellan close pursu'd with Sword in Hand,
And such a Slaughter made that of the Band
Which made the treacherous Onset, only two
Gamol and Arpan from their Fury flew.
Great Shobar's Fall reveng'd, the valiant Chief
March'd with his Troops to give his Friends Relief.
Who prest too hard by Clotar's Arms retir'd,
And whom his Presence with fresh Life inspir'd.
When Solmar likewise saw those Troops dismay'd
He brought the Ordovicians to their Aid.
Thus reinforc'd the rallying Britons burn'd
With a new Flame, and to the Fight return'd.

And now the Franks and Britons high enrag'd,
Were close thro' all the bloody Field engag'd.
Now Files on Files, Cohorts on Cohorts rush,
Steeds Steeds o'erturn, Spearmen at Spearmen push.
Shields ring on Shields, Fauchions with Fauchions clash
And Flames from clatt'ring Arms, like Lightning, flash.
Thick Clouds of Dust obscure th' astonish'd Skys,
And on the Field ghastly Destruction lys.
Buckler lay heap'd on Buckler, Dead on Dead,
And sever'd Limbs and Heads the Ground o'erspread.
Loud Shouts, prodigious Clamour, warlike Sound
From Hill to Hill, from Sphear to Sphear rebound.
The Neighings of the Coursers, and the Noise
Of batt'ring Arms, and raging Captains Voice,
Insulting Threats of Conq'rours, and the Prayer
Of vanquish'd Warriours, fill the ecchoing Air.
As when an Earthquake shakes the cavern'd Soil,
And rocking Mountains of Sicilia's Isle
Th' imprison'd Tempests bellowing in the Caves
Raise on the heaving Fields amazing Waves.
The Sea no more restrain'd by ancient Shores,
In new unfashion'd Channels foams, and roars.
The Ships, prodigious Sight! o'er Citys ride,
And sail amidst the Land without a Guide.
They leave the Harbour, and the Oazy Shore
To visit Forrests where they grew before.
The gaping Earth within her horrid Jaws
Hills with their Woods and sinking Citys draws.
Nature's disjoynted with the noisy Shock,
Mountain on Mountain falls, and Rock on Rock.
United Clamours and distracting Crys,
Fill all the Land, the Ocean, and the Skys.
So do's the Noise of Arms the Region scare,
Shaking the Ground, and rending all the Air.

Gaston mean time did their left Wing invade,
And thro' the British Files great Slaughter made.
He march'd along the Plain with Martial Grace,
Mighty of Bulk, and of Gigantic Race.
A while as Conq'rour he maintain'd the Field,
And to his Force the Britons long did yield.
Till aided by a fresh and strong Recruit
They rally'd, and reviv'd the hot Dispute.
The Britons with their Troops encompass'd round
Gaston advanc'd too far on hostile ground.
Archers their Arrows on the Champion spend,
And clouds of Spears the shouting Spearmen send.
Yet bravely still the Frank his ground maintain'd,
And on his ample Shield the War sustain'd.
So when arm'd Swains on the fam'd banks of Nile
Beset a fierce, Voracious Crocadile,
In vain their Darts, in vain their Spears assail
His scaly Sides, and native Coat of Mail.
On his hard Back they pour a fruitless War,
Which strait recoyls, but can't imprint a Scar.
So did the temper'd Steel unpierc'd repel
The Weapons which on Gaston's Buckler fell,
Like an Egyptian Obelisk he stood,
Or as a lofty brazen Pillar show'd,
Which grateful Citys out of high respect,
To Princes or Victorious Chiefs erect.
Thus stood the mighty Champion and defy'd
The various Deaths which flew on every side.
With proud Disdain he travers'd all the Ground
Then stood, and cast his Haughty Eyes around.
Aloud he cry'd, what have you not a Knight
In Battle bold, and brave enough in Fight
To come out hither and his fame advance,
By being slain by Gaston's Conquering Lance.
Then let him come, let him his Valour try,
And chuse the way by which he'd rather dy.
Will none step forth his name to Eternize,
For that he gains, who by this Weapon dys.
While Gaston thus the British Knights defy'd,
And stalk'd around the Field in all his Pride.
The British Monarch he descry'd from far
Advancing thro' the Files to seek the War.
Then cry'd the Frank, yonder his Arms I see
On which depend your hopes of Victory.
He will not sure decline the glorious Fight,
Nor seek his Safety by a shameful Flight.
By this time Flying on with eager hast
Arthur advanc'd within a Javlin's cast,
Then thus he Cry'd, Gaston a Foe appears
Not us'd to Idle words, but active Spears.
Then from his Arm his mighty Spear he cast,
Exploded Light'ning scarcely flys so fast,
Which the strong Hero's sevenfold Buckler struck,
It past Six folds, but in the last it stuck.
Then Gaston with enormous fury burn'd,
And his Vast Spear with mighty force return'd.
When to discharge the Weapon he prepar'd,
He all his brawny Sinews strain'd so hard,
Such strength employ'd to give a mortal Stroke,
That as he threw, Fire from his Eyeballs broke.
Arthur who ne'er had felt the power of Fear
Receiv'd within his Shield the massy Spear.
Within the outmost folds the Point stuck fast,
And not the middle of its thickness past.
A shiv'ring Dread thro' both the Armys went,
On either side they fear'd the vast event.
Now from their Shields the Spears the Heros drew,
The next the British King with Vigor threw.
It pass'd his Shield, and passing did divide
The treble Plate, and fourfold Bullock's Hide,
Then pierc'd his Belly with a dreadful Wound,
Which tore his Flesh, that clos'd his Bowels round.
The Frank no longer could in Combate stand,
But threw his Spear and Buckler on the Sand,
And held his reeking Entrails in his Hand.
Off from the Field the wounded Chief did fly,
And fill'd the Region with a dismal Cry.
So when a bold Rhinoceros in Fight
With a strong Elephant compares his Might:
The noble Combate all the Forest fills,
And Terror strikes thro' all th' ecchoing Hills.
This with his Trunk invades, and every Blow
Rings on the scaly Armour of the Foe:
Who with his Horn do's on th' Assailant rush,
And makes a furious but a fruitless push.
The Warriours long a doubtful Fight maintain,
And spend a thousand noble Strokes in vain.
Till the Rhinoceros do's gore by chance
The Foe's soft Belly with his Horny Lance.
Then do's the Monster roar in tort'ring Pain,
And flying drags his Entrails o'er the Plain.

Mean time King Clotar with his massy Spear
His Passage to the Quarter strove to clear,
Where the Britannic King victorious stood,
And murth'ring Caliburno reek'd in Blood.
But as the raging Monarch swiftly past
High in the Chariot, valiant Maca cast
His furious Spear, which cut the liquid Air
Attended with the pious Warriour's Prayer.
Who cry'd, Good Heav'ns, the Weapon's Flight assist
And let not Clotar's Shield its Force resist;
Pierc'd by the Steel may he extended ly;
Kind Heav'n in part, did with the Prayer comply.
The Plate the Weapon's Progress could not stay
Which thro' the Monarch's Thigh strait made its Way.
A bloody Torrent all the Chariot stain'd,
And of his Wound the tortur'd King complain'd.
Exclaiming loud he bad his Charioteer
Turn his hot Steeds, and drive him to the Rear.

Soon as the Franks observ'd their Chief's defeat
And saw their Monarch from the Field retreat,
Their scatter'd Troops dismaid began to yield,
And disarray'd forsook the bloody Field.
The British Youth pursu'd them as they fled,
And all the Ground with fearful Slaughter spred.
Till Night advancing did their Fury stay,
Night to the Franks more welcome than the Day.

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