DJ Optick – a man on a mission!
He has been literally shining, over the latest years, on the Romanian electronic music scene. DJ Optick (Bogdan Moldovan) was also the public’s choice for the latest Awards editions.

In 2004 he made the top 3 Romanian DJs and during the following year he topped that, too. DJ Optick took home awards for several sections: The Best DJ, The best Romanian Electronic Production, The Best DJ Set (Liberty Parade). The Liberty Parade 2006 anthem, “Feel Good”, went on air for the “Essential Selections”, broadcast by Pete Tong, at BBC Radio 1.”Feel Good” was officially released with Wasted Youth, Australia and Roton Music Romania.

DJ Optick was one of the favorites at the 2010 Awards.
Releases personal podcast at the Ibiza Global Radio.


Genre: DJs / EDM / Dance

Price: Under €2000